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MediSafe is a medication management app that helps you keep track of all your medicines, pills, and treatments that you or your loved ones take. An ideal app for making sure no one forgets to take their medication.

The way MediSafe works is very simple and intuitive. In the main window of the app there's a circular diagram showing the time of day divided into four parts. Within each part, you can add different pills and treatments. To do so, just choose the name of the drug (there are hundreds already listed in the app), the number of times you have to take it per day and when, and the type of graphic you'd like to see with your schedule chart.

Besides all these options, when you first add a medication to the schedule, you can also indicate whether it's a medication for yourself or a family member or loved one. The best part, in any case, is that you can set up alerts so the app will notify you when it is time for each dose.

Another interesting feature in MediSafe is your chart. After using the app for a while, you can see a graphic of the medications you take and even export it in Excel format. That way, you'll have a valuable record of all your medications.

MediSafe is an excellent app for people who take one or more medicines regularly, or those who care for others who do. Either way, it's a very useful app.
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